A Litigation & Transactional Law Firm.

Dedicated, Client-Focused, & Professional Advocates.


At Levine Eisberner LLC we strive to understand, advise on, and achieve our clients' goals. We aim to satisfy our clients at every step of a legal matter by establishing excellent communication, demystifying the legal process, and then zealously fighting on our clients' behalf.



We fight to make injured clients whole again. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident of any kind, we are here to help. We investigate, negotiate, and litigate on behalf of the client.



If an individual, business, or the government has wronged you, we offer free consultations to help you explore your options. This can include civil rights violations, professional malpractice, or business litigation.



We help businesses start up, operate, and wind down. We can help you create a business entity, structure a business, draft or review contracts, and sell or purchase a business.