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Estate Planning Series: Introduction

As America embarks on its long journey towards a sense of normalcy after an incredibly volatile and unpredictable year and a half, it seems that the Covid-19 pandemic is finally in the rear-view mirror. For many of us, the pandemic has served as a reality check; for others, it was a nightmare plagued with worry, doubt, and anxiety. Hopefully, the pandemic also served as an opportunity for personal growth, self-reflection, and a means to forge stronger bonds with those we love and hold dear to us. In either case, the pandemic forced each of us to reflect on our own mortality–the truth that we, along with our loved ones, will not be around forever.

This reality is undoubtedly worrisome for many. Yet, there are ways and means of providing for our loved ones long after we are gone. Unfortunately, many Wisconsinites do not have an estate plan–a plan that dictates where, how, and to whom their assets will pass after they do. Even for those who do have an estate plan, those plans tend to be incomplete, outdated, or ineffective.

Our team at Levine Eisberner LLC strives to serve you, your goals, and your family. We know how challenging life can get; time flies by and life gets busy. And for many of you, you may simply not have the time or energy to even think about setting up a robust estate plan. That is why we have decided to prepare an Estate Planning Blog Series to answer some of the most common estate planning questions, outline the most effective estate planning tools and devices, and hopefully inspire you to think about preparing an estate plan of your own.

And if this has inspired you already, please feel free to call us now for a free consultation at (888) 367-8198. One of our experienced attorneys would love to help you take the first step in assuring your family is provided for after you have passed.


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